We all know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, what means not only reducing excessive food intake and adding natural ingredients to the diet, but also relaxing muscles and improving blood circulation. The Egooby Corporation has already introduced you to the Amala series of food supplements and massage devices. But in addition to detoxifying, regulation and relaxation with the help of massages, do not forget how important the respiratory system of our body is! In addition to the fact that most viruses are transmitted precisely with air droplets, the respiratory function is closely related to the perception of the environment and affects the psychological state of the individual.
"Compilation of Materia Medica" which was written by Li Shizhen 1518-1593 AD. (during the Ming Dynasty in China) describes the use of the incense to heal. Different incense has a good supportive effect and improves resistance to various diseases.

What scent is really effective for our body and mind?

Earlier this year the new type of pneumonia (due to corona) broke out in the world. Statistically, during the pandemic the lowest number of cases was recorded in the Tibetan region. In the fight against the epidemic, people burned cypress trees, sprinkled wood ash and carried bags of Tibetan herbs. It is also worth mentioning, that up  to nowadays, the incense can be seen on the desktop of Tibetan doctors. Shi Li, a physician at the Infectious Diseases Department of Tibet People's Hospital, having  30 years of experience in treating SARS, the head of the 2009 H1N1 influenza group, said: “Despite the fact that Tibetan incense is not 100% effective, it is still necessary for both prophylactic and therapeutic purposes in the fight against viral infections".Tibetan medical research claims that Tibetan incense has the function of detoxifying, sterilizing and protecting against infections with the help of  killing air pathogens, purifying the air, and preventing the spread. Egooby team has developed a special series of aromatherapy products. Egooby unique products are based on ancient Buddhist scriptures recipes. For the full effect, Egooby oil should be used in conjunction with a spray, so you can achieve the best effect on the path to the healing relaxation.

The history of the Cuban balsam, also known as Copaiba, begins in 1625 in the forests of South America, where it was used to treat bronchitis, chronic cystitis, diarrhea and hemorrhoids. It has a sweet woody fragrance that relieves tension and anxiety after the day. Clove purifies the air due to its antibacterial properties, that is very important in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Moreover, patchouli can relieve the pain and has anti-inflammatory effect.

This 100% single ingredient oil is the ultimate aid in the fight against insomnia. Lavender is rich in linalool, which affects our brain  by triggering the release of gamma amino acid (GABA). When the amount of GABA reaches 45%, the neurons of the central nervous system send signals to calm and enjoy the inhaler. Notice another important feature: lavender has the complete absence of dependence and side effects!