Nowadays, the rapid scientific and technological development leads to the continuous increase of added chemical substances in human food and  genetically modified foods,  resulting in the worsening of lifestyle and a serious health crisis. The number of people around the world who are suffering from cancer and other diseases is growing steadily every year.

At the beginning of this year, the world faced a frightening coronavirus infection (COVID-19) outbreak that spread rapidly and was highly contagious. So far more  than 25 million cases were recorded worldwide while  the number of newly diagnosed patients  and deaths are still rising. In this epidemic, people with underlying diseases are in the risk group because of their poor immunity.

In the face of pandemic, Egooby team met  a major task: to strengthen  the body and improve the resistance of the world population. To achieve that we have been exploring the need to integrate the healthy lifestyle in modern world. By working closely with many authoritative institutions, Egooby integrated traditional Chinese and Tibet medicine treatment concepts with  modern technologies.

Constant research and innovative development made us create a specific line of health products that meets the needs of modern people. As a result EGOOBY has launched EGOOBY massage devices, AMALA food supplements and AMALA home aromatherapy series. 

Based on the original intention of «Improving Human Immunity and Maintaining Health for Years » , our team and the Institute of Biology of the Northwest Plateau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered the miraculous plant «Nitraria» (lat. Nitrária tangutorum) in the Qinghai-Tibet Highlands. An in-depth study of this plant using advanced technologies that extract active ingredients from plants without damaging them and preserving nutritional value, has developed for us a series of products that improve immunity and slow down aging.

Based on the principle of human biomagnetism, referring to the tenets of Chinese traditional medicine, as well as acupuncture and meridian combined with modern electronic technology, Egooby has developed a series of body massagers, that are based on a pulsed magnetic field with acupuncture effect and the energy of mineral elements in magnets, to stimulate the meridians as well as the body's metabolism, help relax the muscle corset and relieve fatigue.

The Qinghai Tibet Plateau, known as the «Roof of the World», is home to a variety of natural, pollution-free medical plants with unique curative effects. The Amala team, working closely with Plato traditional Chinese and Tibet medicine research doctors, has collected the most valuable extracts of natural medicinal herbs and using advanced technologies has developed a series of home aromatherapy products that improve blood circulation to eliminate stasis, cleanse blood vessels, etc.