With the beginning of the high technology’s era, our lives entered a new level of development and the intense lifestyle led to increased psychological pressure at work due to the need of quick learning and adaptation to daily changes. Our daily life is affected by the rapid development of the Internet industry,constant stress along with insufficient rest, irregular diet and lack of physical activity . In addition, industrialization and urban climate change have contributed to the changes in the environmental situation across the world. High levels of air pollution, large number of chemical additives in food and the factors mentioned above worsen our health and lead to various diseases. Every day we expose our health to new risks, but only proper nutrition, prevention of diseases and a healthy lifestyle can help us successfully meet the onset of a new era.

A terrible pandemic broke out around the world earlier this year. A total of 25,000,000 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and worst of all, these numbers continue to rise. COVID-19 has hit the whole world due to its rapid spread and high infection rate. In the face of this pandemic, there are no national boundaries, no age and no gender. A common feature that increases the risk of severe infection are chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia, various chronic respiratory diseases, etc. Physicians treating patients with chronic diagnoses face considerable difficulties.

The Amala Research Group adheres to the following principle: «Boost immunity and forget about health problems». It is built on a commitment to the concept of detoxifying and restoring the body using natural resources (natural herbs). Over the years of research, thanks to unremitting efforts, the Amala research group has discovered that in the unique and majestic Qinghai Tibetan Plateau, known as the «Roof of the World» ,due to its unique natural conditions, there are many medical plants that are resistant to hypoxia and have a high biological activity. Because of the fact that the ingredients contain higher active substances in comparison with similar preparations, they have a unique healing effect. In addition, medical materials are pollution-free and non-addictive, in line with the current trend in health care and the promotion of natural medicine.

Exploring the natural resources of the highlands, our attention was drawn to the unique plant «Nitraria» (lat. Nitrária tangutorum). This plant grows on the lowest line of the basin on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau «Tsaidam Depression» ,which is recognized as the «cleanest» place in the world. Many scientific publications, describing Tibet herbal medicine, say that the amino acid content of this plant is extremely rich, while the content of essential amino acids in the human body reaches 38%. Essential amino acids can regulate the body's immune function and lower blood lipids, blood sugar, lower and normalize blood pressure. At the same time, during our research, we found that «Nitraria» is rich in monoamine oxidase (MAO-B), that has great influence on cell rejuvenation, stimulates blood circulation and eliminates blood stasis, it helps to remove free radicals 100 times higher than the VE . Therefore, due to its extremely high nutritional value, «Nitraria» is also known as the «Mountain Red Pearl of Tibet». The Amala team collaborated with the Northwest Plateau Institute of Biological Research to analyze the nutritional value of the Nitraria tangutorum fruit, as well as other amazing plants in the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau, such as Black goji (lat. Lycium ruthenicum), Naked barley (lat. Hordeum vulgare var. Nudum) and other plants. Through the tireless efforts of the Institute of Biology of the Northwest Plateau of the Academy of Sciences in China, with the help of advanced technologies that extract active ingredients from plants without damaging them and preserve their nutritional value, the institute has developed a series of products that improve immunity and slow down aging.


The main ingredients of the «Plato Read Pearl» are the fruits of Nitraria (lat. Nitraria tangutorum), Goji berry (lat. Lycium chinense), Shiitake (lat. Lentinula edode) and cherry tomato (lat. Solanum lycopersicum var. Ceras of seliforme) without any side effects additives or preservatives. The production technology includes drying, ultra-grinding and mixing with the help of ultraviolet. This is followed by granulation, tableting, sterilization and distribution into packages. Due to the process mentioned above, the product retains all its natural beneficial properties and helps to reduce the concentration of lipids in the blood, lowers sugar levels, affects the reducing of high blood pressure, regulates the immune function of the body, and also slows down the aging process, improves antioxidation and regulates the digestive system.


The main ingredients of the «Ardexi» are the fruits of Nitraria (lat. Nitraria tangutorum), chayote (lat. Sechium edule) and Chinese cinnamon (lat. Cinnamomum cassia). Unique scientific formula is reached with the help of the modern high-tech purification and extraction of the elements, so the tablets not only reduce stomach discomfort by regulating acidity, but also protects the intestinal epithelium. In addition, this product is known for muscle relaxation and blood vessel strengthening, as well as it’s beneficial effect on the nervous system and reducing pathogenic microbes.


«Plateau lama» is made of the fruits of Nitraria (lat. Nitraria tangutorum), goji berry (lat. Lycium chinense), oat (lat. Avena sativa), Soy (lat. Glycine max), alpine barley (lat. Hordeum vulgare var. Nudum), quinoa (lat. Chenopōdium quīnoa) and pea (lat. Pisum sativum) and is one of the products of the series «Purification and Recovery», which was developed based on the modern nutritional theory, referring to the principle of traditional Chainese and Tibetian theory «Junchen Zuoshi» using advanced technologies for weight control. Various types of amino acids and other microelements obtained in the plant extracts detoxify the intestinal system, increase levels of vital energy, and also enhance the processes of anabolism in the body. Plant extracts, as well as natural antiseptics and antioxidants, perform antibacterial and anti-aging functions that are very essential for the human body. This product helps you remove harmful substances from the body, normalize the skin color, reduce weight, as well restore the acid-base balance of the body's environment, increasing immunity body's resistance to diseases.