The rapid development of digital technologies had a great impact on our lives, however it also led to numerous side effects. A person in modern society is facing the increase of the tasks required to use new technologies, which leads to vision deterioration and problems of the musculoskeletal system. For example: back pain and spasms that lead to spinal deformities, hernias etc.

Australian and Singaporean researchers have come to the conclusion that half of the world's population will suffer from myopia by 2050, and one tenth of the visual impairment will be severe. The results of this study were published in the journal of Ophthalmology in February 2016. The article reviewed 145 scientific reports covering 2.1 million cases worldwide. Based on the collected data, scientists estimated the number of people with myopia in 2000 at an average of 1.406 billion (22.9 percent of the population) (163 million (2.7 percent) severe cases). By 2050, according to their calculations, these numbers will grow to 4.758 billion (49.8 percent) and 938 million, respectively. Chinese medicine has indicated the connection between the internal organs and the sense organs, especially the eyes. One of the wisest healers back in the Warring States Period (5th century BC - 3rd century AD) explained that information from the eyes is transmitted to the whole body, affecting all internals and vice versa. This energy information exchange causes eye fatigue and initiates systemic symptoms. Based on this, we can conclude that it is necessary to fight with fatigue, weakness and drowsiness , starting with the organ of vision - the eyes.

While working on a computer, many  bent the whole body  forward with  their heads extended. The same situation is noticed with the  fans of reviewing  feeds on a smartphone, as well as adolescents who spend several hours a day on their gadgets, concentrated on the screen. Due to constant sitting in the wrong position, the pressure on the vertebrae increases and can reach a load equivalent of 20 kg. Doctors and scientists are concerned that as a result, the load on the cervical spine increases the risk of spondylosis. This syndrome has a detrimental effect on posture: the shoulders, neck and head are pushed forward, the spine is bent, so a stoop appears. In addition, the skin of the neck becomes flabby, and a double chin may appear. Traditional Chinese medicine  shows the connection of spondylosis with circulatory problems, that lead not only to numbness in the limbs, but also to problems with the female reproductive system, headaches and even dyspepsia.

Egooby team’s survey  showed that the number of people adhering to a healthy lifestyle , as well as  awareness and interest in a healthy lifestyle, is gradually increasing. As a market demand response,  the company has developed a series of body massagers with acupuncture effect and the energy of magnetic mineral elements, using advanced technology and artificial intelligence.


Do you remember the last time you felt completely refreshed? Now tell, do you want to feel this way every day? The K6 chair, a novelty in 2020, will restore your strength in 15 minutes. Imagine, just 30 minutes - and you can be so relaxed that you may fall asleep right in the chair! Why had this massage chair “blow up” the global massage industry? Egooby K6 combines leading automatic massage technology with the elements of traditional Chinese medicine. Its special feature is conformity to the curves of the human body. The chair will allow you to enjoy a deep massage (special vacuum cushion), foot massage (unique back heating ) etc. The massage you get in this chair will give not only 15 minutes of unforgettable rest, but will certainly have a positive effect on the healing of the whole organism.


With the creative design of uEye-1, your eyes will get relaxed and rejuvenated, the performance of uEye-1 is as impressive as it looks! uEye1 was developed based on the theory of meridians. Due to the massage of biologically active points, the stimulation and training of the optic cells and the optic nerve takes place, together with reducing fatigue and tension. uEye1 is equipped with many innovative technologies combining kneading, heating, pressure, original massage techniques, Bluetooth, one-button control, automatic mode switching and other extraordinary technologies.


Massage corset was developed using deep pulsating massage technology that helps relieve fatigue. The built-in heating function completely relaxes the body and makes it possible to enjoy the massage. Powerful full body massager has simple functional design and allows you to learn quickly how to use it and enjoy your massage!